2009 and a new direction

This year I’ve embarked on a relatively new pastime of circuit racing. I say relatively new because in 1996 following a slight indiscretion on The Premier Rally in 1995 where we had a little accident at the end of Harlow wood, rolling five times before coming to rest inverted and pointing the wrong way, and the lack of funds to rebuild the ruined shell, I stuck some numbers on my kit car and took it racing. The results weren’t good as I retired on every race due to overheating and broken engines so I packed in and went rallying again.
The racing bug stayed with me though. The close fought tussles I had with other competitors before dumping my oil on them and parking up were a complete new line in adrenaline rush.
So, come 2009 and good friend of mine, Matt Coggins has built himself a Toyota MR2 race car and is intending to race it in the MR2 racing series. I offered to help him and with a little moral support and the loan of a van and trailer he was away to Mallory Park for testing. I had a few laps in the car as well and following a successful day, Matt offered me a drive in the supporting Nippon Challenge at his first race at Silverstone.

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