They say that qualifying is everything in a one make series and we’d done everything right in preparation for this event. The usual, turn up and drive philosophy had gone out of the window, we’d been to the circuit on the Wednesday before the event and messed about with suspension

Thank You Ash Cloud!

My 2010 season was scheduled to start at the end of May with the MR2 Racing Series round at Snetterton and before the event, a host of work is planned for the car, including replacing the ageing and smoky 120k mile engine with a completely freshly

This year I’ve embarked on a relatively new pastime of circuit racing. I say relatively new because in 1996 following a slight indiscretion on The Premier Rally in 1995 where we had a little accident at the end of Harlow wood, rolling five times before coming to rest inverted and

Matt and myself had given the car an inspection after Mallory as it was quite soul destroying watching the cars scamper away after the hairpin and we’d decided that the standard anti roll bars just had to go. We’d also look at lowering the car as well. On closer inspection,

Unfortunately, Matt had blown his funds at Snetterton so the last two rounds I was on my own. My car had been on a diet since Snetterton as we’d analysed that I was losing most of my speed in the very fast turn 1 where my car would lean and

Coggsport (as we christened Matt’s new racing team) fielded three cars for this meeting and what a cracking time we all had. Matt’s good friend and GT Race Series Champion Jody Firth was going to drive “The Black Car” Matt in his Rothmans liveried one and me in my Rosso

I managed to pick up a race ready car at the right money. A nice C-Reg number in red and although she came from down South, she hailed from Wakefield. When I picked the car up, she was absolutely no where near ready. None of the outstanding jobs had been