RAC 2013

In brief, we were going pretty steady on this event but not as steady as last year. We were holding our own in the open rally on Friday and had a push on Saturday and got up to second but a very close call on Florida 1 on Sunday morning scared me a bit so I backed right off and went for the finish. The car that was leading followed us through the stage and rolled on our dodgy corner.

Was having trouble (that I didn’t know about until after the event) with the sound so here’s a link to one of the stages that has got sound and we’re going relatively quickly. All the rest are on my Youtube page.

Final result was 3rd in RAC Open and would have been 18th in the main rally.

This video is from Kershope 1 on Sunday morning and the stage is covered in sheet ice just to put things into perspective. Certainly an age apart from Oulton Park a few weeks ago but not much different from Donington except for the lack of rotating Suzukis to avoid!

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